March 28, 2023 – New social media start-up NX2U (“next to you”) facilitates chance encounters for business travelers. Using geolocation data, NX2U allows users to see other professionals closeby, enabling more efficient networking so business people avoid missing out on countless opportunities every day, in an airport lounge, a hotel lobby, a coffee shop or a networking event.

NX2U Co-Founder and CEO David Grammig explains, “I was travelling alone for work in Morocco when my client cancelled dinner at the last minute. I wondered if there was a way to know who the other business travelers around me were, to have a digital ice breaker to connect with them. I could possibly find a new client, partner or investor, instead of sitting alone at dinner playing on my cell phone.”

In January 2023, NX2U launched its first pilot. Easy-to-use and intuitive, the app shows who is next to you, with profiles, descriptions, messaging and features to foster real-life connections. NX2U already has over 1000 users and is being activated at events across Europe, the Middle East and Africa including the CEE and Africa Wealth Summits, Panerai private client events or regular Commodity Trading Club events.

Grammig continues, “We want to connect professionals in real life based on their geolocation, enabling unexpected and valuable encounters on a personal and professional level. We see huge potential for NX2U in the events, hospitality and travel industries to meet the needs of business travelers.”

NX2U is driving adaption through event activation. Using a simple QR code, NX2U enables real-time communication to all conference attendees and allows them to connect before, during and after the event. The app consolidates multiple events in one location, making it a simple CRM tool for conference attendees.

About NX2U 

Social medium NX2U is a mix between Tinder and LinkedIn. It enables professionals to connect in real life by seeing who is next to them and providing ice breaker information to facilitate introductions. Launched in January 2023, NX2U currently has over 1000 active users, connecting professionals before, during and after events in airport lounges, hotel lobbies and networking locations across the globe.